Il Comune

Municipio, Via Raffaele Paolucci, 3
66019 Torricella Peligna, Chieti, Italia
tel. +39 0872-969412
fax. +39 0872 -969681

Popolazione (Population): 1520 (2008 census)
Sindaco: Tiziano Teti
Segretario: Salvatore Marmo
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Torricellans use the word “comune” and municipio’ in several contexts, each seeming to have a somewhat different equivalent in English. Following is our best understanding of the various contexts and our Americanized English equivalent.

Context English equivalent
The entire entity of Torricella Peligna, including everything it encompasses (geography, culture, people, governance, etc) Town or municipality.
The town government. For example, one may be elected or appointed to the ‘Comune’, to the ‘Municipio’ Town Council, municipality
The building that houses the town government; where the town’s administrative offices and officers are. For example, the records are kept in the Comune, the Municipio. Town Hall , Municipal Building


The municipality of Torricella is composed of Torricella and a number of other named districts. There are thirty of these districts, see below. Some of these areas are called “frazione’, others ‘contrada’, ‘localita’, and ‘rione’. To our knowledge, these are not independent in any sense. They may have arisen from smaller settlements which over time were incorporated into the ‘comune’. We are not yet clear on the meaning or origin of these words so we will (temporarily?) call them ‘hamlets’ in English.